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Create Beneficiary

Unlike Direct Debit payment API, Beneficiary and CT requests do not require a Creditor Scheme ID reference (there is no CSID when working with CT payments).

Before you can initiate a payment you must first create one or more beneficiaries.

Note that at its most basic a beneficiary requires a name and an IBAN. Additional data may also be stored (address details and contact details, for example)

API Reference Create Beneficiary
Usage You must provide the name and the account details to create a beneficiary
Method POST
URI /beneficiaries

The following are required arguments: The name of the beneficiary; max 70 characters
beneficiaryAccount.iban The bank account

Additional optional arguments may be provided (see the Beneficiary Object section of the API reference for full details)


A successful request will return a 201 Created response code

If you do not see a 201, see the HTTP Response Codes section of the API Reference to assist you to troubleshoot the issue.

At a minimum we recommend that you store the following data:

id An identifier that uniquely identifies the beneficiary in Nuapay
uri A resolvable path containing the unique value of the beneficiary.