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Credit Transfer Payments Overview

Credit Transfers (CTs) allow you to transfer funds from your account to a beneficiary's account. With a CT, you (the merchant) become the payer and the person to whom you are transferring funds becomes the beneficiary.

Unlike Direct Debit payments where you pull funds from your payers' accounts, with a CT you push funds to a beneficiary account .

Before you can initiate any CT payments you first need to create one or more beneficiaries.

The following are the available API calls that you can use when working with CTs:

Request Description
Create Beneficiary Used to create a new beneficiary - the recipient of the funds transfer
Retrieve Beneficiary A GET request to return details of a beneficiary.
List Beneficiaries A GET request that allows you to retrieve a list of beneficiaries.
Create Credit Transfer A POST request to create a CT payment
Retrieve Credit Transfer A GET request to return details of a CT payment.
List Credit Transfers A GET request to return a list of CT payments.