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Activate Mandate

Where a mandate is in Pending or Suspended status you can set it to Active so that Direct Debit Payments can be made against it.

If you are using paper mandates then you may need to consider an option on your custom application to allow operators to click a button to activate mandates when a signed mandate is received, which would call this request.

If you are using E-Mandates, the activate mandate request is dynamically called and may (optionally) include details related to the electronic signing event (IP Address, location of the signature, the mobile phone or email address used)

API Reference Activate Mandate
Usage Mandates must be in PENDING or SUSPENDED status
Method POST
URI /schemes/{CS_ID}/mandates/{MANDATE_ID}/activate

The following are some optional arguments:

signatureDate The date the mandate was signed. Format: yyyy-mm-dd
signatureLocation The payer's account.
electronicSignatureDetails.authorizationMethod If you are using E-Mandates this argument offer an enumeration with the following options: CHECK_BOX, SMS_PASSWORD, EMAIL_PASSWORD to indicate how the mandate was authorised.
electronicSignatureDetails.authorizationToken The token provided when authorising the e-mandate
electronicSignatureDetails.authorizationEmail The e-mail address used to notify the payer to authenticate the e-mandate
electronicSignatureDetails .authorizationMobileNumber The mobile phone number used to dispatch the unique SMS token used for e-mandate authentication
electronicSignatureDetails.ipAddress The IP address of the computer used for the e-mandate authentication
electronicSignatureDetails.geographicLocation The payer's geographic location, base on the IP address

A successful request will return a 200 OK response code

If you do not see a 200, see the HTTP Response Codes section of the API Reference to assist you to troubleshoot the issue.

We recommend that you store the following data:

id A resource identifier that uniquely identifies the mandate in Nuapay
uri A resolvable path containing the resource identifiers of the merchant scheme and the mandate.
status The mandate is set to ACTIVE

To see the additional data returned, see the API Reference Example Response section.