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Cancel Mandate

When you cancel a mandate:

  • Any READY FOR EXPORT transactions linked to it are automatically cancelled.
  • No further collections may be made against the mandate.

If you want to engage with your payer at a later point and want to take direct debit payments, you will need to create a new mandate.

API Reference Cancel Mandate
Usage Mandates must be in PENDING or ACTIVE status
Method POST
URI /schemes/{CS_ID}/mandates/{MANDATE_ID}/cancel

The following optional argument may be provided:

operationReason The reason for the cancellation (140 characters maximum)

A successful request will return a 200 OK response code

If you do not see a 200, see the HTTP Response Codes section of the API Reference to assist you to troubleshoot the issue.

We recommend that you store the following data:

id A resource identifier that uniquely identifies the mandate in Nuapay
uri A resolvable path containing the resource identifier of the merchant scheme and the mandate.
status The mandate is set to CANCELLED

To see the additional data returned, see the API Reference Example Response section.