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Create Mandate

If you are using E-Mandates you will not need to use the Create Mandate request

Mandates must be created under a specific scheme (typically the SEPA CORE scheme) and must also be linked to a Creditor Scheme ID (CSID). To determine your CSID use List Creditor Schemes.

Depending on the configuration of your Creditor Scheme your mandates will be created in a specific status. Note that Direct Debit payments can only be created against an Active mandate.

API Reference Create Mandate
Usage Mandates must be created under a CSID
Method POST
URI /schemes/{CS_ID}/mandates

The following are required arguments: The payer's name
debtorAccount.iban The payer's account.
creditorAccount.iban The merchant's account

Additional optional arguments may be provided (see the Mandate Object section of the API reference for full details)


A successful request will return a 201 Created response code

If you do not see a 201, see the HTTP Response Codes section of the API Reference to assist you to troubleshoot the issue.

At a minimum we recommend that you store the following data:

id A resource identifier that uniquely identifies the mandate in Nuapay
uri A resolvable path containing the resource identifier of the merchant scheme and the mandate.
status The mandate status.

To see the additional data returned, see the API Reference Example Response section.