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Retrieve Mandate

The Retrieve Mandate call allows you to view the details of a specific mandate as stored in Nuapay.

The request requires that you provide the Mandate resource identifier (as returned in the Create Mandate call)


API Reference Retrieve Mandate
Usage You must reference a mandate ID
Method GET
URI /schemes/{CS_ID}/mandates/{MANDATE_ID}

No arguments are required for this call.


A successful request will return a 200 OK response code

If you do not see a 200, see the HTTP Response Codes section of the API Reference to assist you to troubleshoot the issue.

The following data is returned:

id Aresource identifier that uniquely identifies the mandate in Nuapay
uri A resolvable path containing the resource identifier value of the merchant scheme and the mandate.

To see the additional data returned, see the API Reference Example Response section.