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Update Mandate

You may need to make updates to mandates at various points. Where a payer informs you that address details or an account has changed, for example, it is important to update this data so that Direct Debit payments will continue to be processed as normal.

You may need to re-send the mandate for signature depending on the update that is being made to the mandate. We would recommend that a mandate is approved by your payer if any of the following key mandate fields are modified:

  • The Unique Mandate Reference (the SEPA Mandate ID)
  • Payer account data
API Reference Update Mandate
Usage You can update mandates in Pending and Active status
Method PUT


The following optional argument relates to whether you require your payer to re-sign the mandate:


The following options are possible:

  • SEND

DEFAULT - the mandate is updated from Active to Pending if a key mandate field (see above) is modified .

SEND - the mandate is always updated from Active to Pending for any mandate update.

DO_NOT_SEND - the mandate remains in Active status regardless of the modification to the mandate.


A successful request will return a 200 OK response code

If you do not see a 200, see the HTTP Response Codes section of the API Reference to assist you to troubleshoot the issue.

The response includes details of the updated mandate. See the Mandate Object in the API Reference for details.