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Mandate Overview

Our API offers access to standard and electronic mandates (E-Mandates).

If you require your payers to sign paper mandates then the standard mandate approach would be appropriate. Please contact a member of our Customer Services team for more details.

A mandate is an agreement between a merchant and a customer in which the customer (the payer) gives consent to the merchant to take funds from a nominated account either on a once-off basis or, more typically, for a recurring series of payments.

For more information on E-Mandates please check out the various implementation options available here.

For details of all the available Mandate API calls see here.

So what is an E-Mandate?

Working with paper-based mandates can be problematic; you need to use standard post; your payers may be slow to return the signed mandate; they may make an error when writing their IBAN; in some cases the signature may be unreadbale or the payer may have incorrectly completed the form. Assuming the mandate is returned and has been completed correctly, you then need to store the paper mandates and ensure that they can be retrieved later if required (to defend an unathorised Refund - see MD01 in the SEPA Error Codes section).

Electronic mandates remove all these pain points:

  • Users sign the mandates online
  • Account details are validated in real time (so your payers cannot provide you with an invalid account number)
  • The mandate is set to ACTIVE status immediately so you can begin to take payments right away: no waiting for signed paper mandates to arrive
  • Your users receive emails to confirm activation of their mandates so again, less admin work for you!
  • Mandate details can be easily retrieved at any time via the List Mandates request