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Payment Statuses

Before a Direct Debit payment is passed to the SEPA ClearingThe Clearing and Settlement Mechanism (CSM) that processes SEPA payments. (The EBA's STEP-2 system allows banks across Europe to use one channel to send and receive their SEPA Credit Transfer and SEPA Direct Debit transactions) system it is given a Ready for Export status. Before their collection date (generally 2 business days prior to the collection date), Nuapay combines Direct Debits into a single payments file called a PAIN.008. When a payment is added to a PAIN.008 file its status is updated to Exported (it is exported to Clearing at this point).

The SEPA Clearing channel will dispatch the Direct Debit payments to your payers' banks. Should a payer refuse the collection or if there are insufficient funds to meet the requested amount, for example, the Bank will reject the payment. This rejection is notified to Nuapay and the Direct Debit status is updated to Rejected or Refused. These rejections occurs before the settlement date so they are referred to as Pre-Settlement Rs.

If the debtor bank do not reject the Direct Debit payment, Nuapay will update the Direct Debit status to Accepted on the collection date. This will generally be the final status of a Direct Debit.

In some cases however (typically 5% of all your Direct Debits) your payers' bank or your payers may return or lodge a refund against your Direct Debit. Returns and Refunds can only happen after the collection day and are referred to as Post-settlement Rs. If Nuapay receives a post-settlement R, the Direct Debit status is update from Accepted to Returned or Refunded.

Ready for Export --> Exported --> Accepted (Payment has been successfully processed)

Ready for Export --> Exported --> Rejected, Refused (Pre-settlement R-transaction received)

Ready for Export --> Exported --> Accepted --> Returned, Refunded, Re-Presented (Post-settlement R-transaction received or the payment is re-presented)

The following table gives an overview of these statuses:

Status Description
READY_FOR_EXPORT The Direct Debit payment has been created but has not yet been included in a PAIN.008
EXPORTED The payment has been included in a PAIN.008 file and has been passed to SEPA Clearing. The Direct Debit will generally be exported 2 business days prior to the collection date. The number of days is configurable.
ACCEPTED If there have been no pre-settlement R-transactions the status is updated to Accepted on the settlement date.
REJECTED /REFUSED / CANCELLED If a pre-settlement R-transaction is processed in Nuapay the status will move from Exported to Rejected/Refused/Cancelled
RETURNED/REFUNDED Where a Direct Debit is in Accepted status and a post-settlement R-transaction is processed its status will be updated to Returned/Refunded
RE-PRESENTED Where a direct debit has been Rejected/Refused/Cancelled/Returned/Refunded you may want to re-try to collect the payment. When you re-present the Direct Debit status is updated to Re-presented and a new Ready-for-Export Direct Debit is generated with a new collection date.
REVOKED A Direct Debit that is in READY FOR EXPORT status can be withdrawn before it is dispatched to Clearing so that it isn't processed. In this case the Direct Debit status is updated to REVOKED.
REVERSED If you as the merchant have debited funds in error (for example if you have taken a duplicate payment) and want to credit your payer , you can contact your bank to initiate a reversal, The direct debit status is updated to REVERSED and you are debited the funds. A Reversal is a post-settlement status.
PENDING The payment is in a pending status.

Initially all new payments are in READY_FOR_EXPORT status.

Note: It is possible to use Webhooks to be automatically informed of transaction status changes; where transactions move to a rejected or an accepted status.