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PKI Management in Developer Dashboard

PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) Management is used to generate a private key and signed certificate to be used in generating Jason Web Signatures (JWS) for non-repudiation in our REST endpoints.

To generate your private key and certificate navigate to the 'PKI Management' screen on the Developer Dashboard. If this is the first time using this screen the only button available to you will be 'Generate PKI Key', press this button to generate your Private key and signed certificate.

Once clicked you will be prompted to download your private key in .key format. We recommend you store your private key in a secure location such as on a local or cloud based HSM.

Note: This will be the only time you will be able to download this key and we will not retain it on our servers. If you need to regenerate the key for any reason you will need to revoke the certificate (see below).

After closing the download dialogue you will see your active certificate and there are two actions you can carry out on it,

  1. You can download the certificate in .crt format. You will be required to do this to generate JSON Web Signature
  2. You can revoke your active certificate. Note: This will invalidate the active certificate and private key, and you will no longer be able to generate JSON Web Signatures with this key and certificate. You will need to generate a new private key and certificate using the 'Generate PKI Key'