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API Key Authentication

For REST authentication the following HTTP headers in each HTTP request targeted are required:

Mandatory API Key authentication basic:

  1. template: "Authorization: Basic {Base64(API_KEY:)}"
  2. example
    1. With the following given APIKey = bb09c2b6a9478720765c757a8bcadf1aa1fb31554566a21118c9c75e26c29686

    2. We encode this in base 64: bb09c2b6a9478720765c757a8bcadf1aa1fb31554566a21118c9c75e26c29686: (note that the colon (:) is required)

    3. the HTTPS header will then be: "Authorization: Basic YmIwOWMyYjZhOTQ3ODcyMDc2NWM3NTdhOGJjYWRmMWFhMWZiMzE1NTQ1NjZhMjExMThjOWM3NWUyNmMyOTY4Njo="